Transportation in Prague

The best and cheapest ways to transport in Prague.

As locals we would recommend to take a taxi from (and to) the airport and then use public transport within the city, because not only it is usually faster (because of traffic jams) but also cheaper.

Public Transport

Basic Info

Public transport in Prague can be divided into (i) metro (=subway), (ii) trams and (iii) buses. Since our pro travel guides mainly work with metro stations (but if you want you can also take a taxi to every starting location), we focus on this type of public transportation.
There are three lines of the Prague Metro: Green (A), Yellow (B) and Red (C).  All three lines meet in the center of the city at three interchange (transfer) stations. Each interchange station has two halls, one hall for each line (imagine there are two large floors – one for one line and the other for the second line).
Example: Let’s say you want to travel from the Prague airport (Dejvická, final station) to Náměstí Republiky station (in the middle of the picture). In order to reach you destination, you need to travel from Dejvická station to Můstek station. Then get off at Můstek station and transfer to the Yellow Line (look out for stairs/escalators with a yellow sign indicating the transfer to line B above them, then simply follow the yellow sign/arrow until you reach the station). The Náměstí Republiky station is right above Můstek station so you need to ride in direction of Černý Most (the final station of the Yellow line). Get on the trace heading to Černý Most, ride one station and then get off at Náměstí Republiky Station – and there you are!
Transportation in Prague - Metro Scheme

Buying Tickets

Ticket for period of 24 hours cost 110 CZK and it is the longest paper ticket you can get . There are two ways to buy a ticket, at a vending machine (see this page for more info) or via your smartphone (see next page for more info). Since vending machines require you to only pay with coins, we require to use the second option. Buying a ticket via your smartphone also eliminates the risk that you lose your ticket. Choose on your own which way to buy a ticket suits you the best – you pay 110 CZK no matter which method you choose. You can also buy cheaper tickets, that really depends whether you intend to go out at night and use public transport or not.

A. Ticket Vending Machine

Ticket vending machines are located near the entrance inside of all metro stations.
Just choose which ticket you want to buy and press the button. You will see displayed price. Now it’s time to put your money inside (you must use only coins 1 CZK, 2 CZK, 5 CZK, 10 CZK, 20 CZK because vending machines don’t accept any payment card nor banknotes). As soon as you put at least the whole price, the vending machine gives you a ticket. Don’t worry, if you put more money, you will get the change back J.<h/5>
If you want your ticket to be valid, you have to validate it! Once you validate your ticket, the time period of your ticket starts to run.

Ticket Validator


B. Electronic Ticket

Download application ‘SEJF’ (available on the AppStore and GooglePlay). It is the official app for buying tickets in Prague financed by the Prague Public Transport Company.

To buy a one-day ticket via application SEJF, follow these 4 simple steps ↓
Transportation in Prague - electronic ticket

If you travel to Prague for 3 or more days, consider buying the ticket for 310 CZK (it lasts 72 hours).
You can also see a 30–second “How It Works” video here.
To get more information about transportation in Prague, please download this guide, we give it to you for free.

Taxi Service

If you plan to go out at night or intend to use a taxi service anyway, definitely download ‘Modry Andel‘ app on your smartphone (available on AppStore as well as on Google Play) – it provides you better fares for a taxi (18 CZK / km, except for booking to/from the airport which has special fares) and eliminates the risk that taxi drivers will charge you to pay an unfair price (they should not, but in reality they often do when you take a random taxi).
It is very simple to order a taxi transportation since the app localizates where you are and tells you how far the nearest available car is (in minutes). You can also change the time and date of the arrival (let’s say you intend to take a taxi from your accomodation to the airport tomorrow in the morning – you simply change the date and time of the arrival in the app).
If you want to see how much is the drive going to cost you, just fill in the get off address and the app will calculate the estimated price for you.

How to order taxi with Modrý Anděl app.

1. Click on TAXI if you want to be transported within the city OR To/From airport Ruzyně if you want to be transported from/to the Prague airport.
2. Choose the Boarding address (the app will usually automatically locate where you are) and press Continue.
3. Confirm reservation or Change time if you do not want the taxi to arrive ASAP but at a specific time (optional) and fill in the get off address (optional).
To get more information about transportation in Prague, please download this guide, we give it to you for free.
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