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Find out what to avoid in Prague & make sure your trip to Prague will be a wonderful experience.

Even though Prague really is a dazzling city, there are a few things you better make sure to avoid. But don’t worry, you’ll be fine if you listen to our advice.

Švejk Restaurant at the bottom of the Wenceslas Square


This restaurant is considered the biggest scam in Prague so unless you want to pay 4€ for a piece of brad definitely avoid this place. When we read these reviews at the TripAdvisor, we felt really bad that restaurants like these exist because they make Prague look bad. If you want to make sure you will eat at great restaurants where even locals love to eat, you can either read our free tips on Prague restaurants here or get one of our pro travel guides.

Here is one of many examples of reviews from the TripAdvisor: ,,It is unbelievable! We have had a dinner there with grilled and fried pork. The food was fine but the price is not. 1/2 duck is charged 390kc but bread is 100kc per person and even you don’t want to eat, you must pay for this. I have ever been in any hotel or restaurant horrible like this. You know, just the way they make money so cheap and i felt so pissed off! The bill was 1076kc and When you pay for the bill, the waiter was so nice to say : “this bill is not included service” so that they reccommended us give them 10% of bill = 150kc with the explanation like they just work for company, and it was the rules,can not change it!!!! We dislike this [–] hotel-restaurant thousand time!!!!!”


Hotel Prague Inn
28. října
Prague 1 – New Town

Vltava River Cruises

Prague Tourist Traps - boats

Prague is very picturesque with its many bridges crossing the flowing Vltava, but beware, when going on a river cruise on the Vltava you will only cross under a few bridges. The large boats are only allowed to go so far until the captain must turn around and go in a circle.

If you’d like to see Prague by boat, it would be better to rent a paddleboat on a sunny day and relax on the Vltava with a packed picnic and some wine. The paddleboats cost about $5 an hour, compared with about $50 for a lunch cruise. Paddleboats are available for rent on Žofín Island (Slovansky ostrov) – an island very close from the National Theatre.

Another option for those of you who do not wish to paddle, canal sightseeing cruises are available on smaller antique ships from the Prazske Benatky (Prague Venice) company that magically float on the Devil’s Canal and the Vltava River and doesn’t come with crazy prices. You can find information about Prague Venice at We tried them personally and they’re great!

The Royal Way Souvenir Shops

Prague Tourist Traps - cheap shops

If you intend to walk the Royal Way, you will see dozens of shops offering painted wooden dolls that fit into each other. The problem is that although the selection may suggest otherwise, the Matryoshka dolls have nothing to do with the Czech culture, they are Russian. If you know the history (you can learn it here), Soviets (now Russians) occupied the Czech lands for almost 40 years so buying a Russian doll in Prague would be like buying an american flag in Vietnam. So if you want to buy a Czech souvenir, buy glass products (but make sure it was really made in Czech because souvenir shops selling Matryoshka dolls also often sell cheap imitations that are made in China). Or a fancy beer in one of these beer restaurants where even locals love to go.

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