Prague Airport Transfer

The best ways to transfer from (or to) the Prague Airport even locals use.

There are basically two ways you can be transported from the Prague Airport: (a) by bus or (b) using taxi service.
TIP: Whereas transportation by bus is cheaper, we strongly recommend to take taxi at night (from 22:00 to 06:00).
Keep in mind that taxi service in Prague (as well as food) is cheaper than in most of the European countires. However, transfers from the Prague Airport are usually more expensive because of special (higher) fares. Whereas regular pric for a taxi service in Prague e per kilometer is about 0.7 €, when it comes to airport transfers the price raises to 1 € per kilometer. Compared to for example Dusseldorf (Germany), it is exactly half the price.

by BUS

1. First you need to get tickets. You can buy them:

(a) via your smartphone
This is the easiest and the most elegant way to buy a bus ticket. Download application ‘SEJF’ (available on the AppStore and GooglePlay). It is the official app for buying tickets in Prague financed by the Prague Public Transport Company.


as you open the application SEJF, follow these 4 simple steps
Prague Airport Transfer - electronic ticket

(b) at a vending machine on the bus stop in front of the airport (if you do not posses a smartphone)
(c) from a bus driver (if you do not have enough coins nor possess a smartphone)

2. After buying tickets, you can get on a bus.

(a) from the airport to Dejvická station (final station of the green line – A)
        – get on a bus 119
        – frequency: approximately every 10 minutes
(b) from the airport to Zličín station (final station of the yellow line – B)
        – get on a bus 100
        – frequency: approximately every 30 minutes
(c) from the airport to the Prague Main Railway Station, in Czech Hlavní nádraží station (can also be reached at the red line of the Prague Metro)
        – get on a bus Airport Express (AE)
        -from 21:00 you need to go on the bus 119; when you arrive to Dejvická station, proceed to Muzeum station which crosses the green line and the red line, transfer to the red line and drive one station in the direction of Letňany station to Hlavní nádraží station
        –frequency: approximately every 30 minutes
To get more information about transporatation from the airport and even information about transportation in Prague, please download this guide, we give it to you for free.

using TAXI service

The easiest way is to book your taxi here at Prague Airport Transfers. If you use one of our travel guides, you will also have 10% discount automatically. Just show the taxi driver one of our travel guides on your smartphone/tablet or printed.
If you intend to catch a taxi that already stays in front of the airport, ask for the fare per km first. 27 CZK (1 €) per kilometer is the highest price you should accept because higher fare is considered overpriced by locals.
How much is it going to cost?
Using the taxi service above you may expect to pay approximately* 450-600 CZK (17-22 EUR) to the city center.If you are accomodated somewhere else than in the city centre you shouldn’t pay more than 950 CZK (35 EUR). These prices are without the 10% discount you get when you use one of our travel guides.
Prague Airport Transfer - taxi
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