Best Beer in Prague

Find out restaurants and pubs where you can taste the best beer in Prague.

It’s true that in Prague, good beer — and oten amazingly great beer — is on just about every corner. We’ve chosen pubs and restaurants where the best one is.
When it comes to the question of price, even in Prague’s most expensive pubs, good beer remains very afordable, compared to most big cities in Europe.
The beer in Prague is actually even cheaper than some of our pro travel guides.

Lokál Dlouhá Pub

best beer in Prague - Lokál

Pilsner Urquell Beer is the favorite Czech beer and here you will get the one that tastes the best in Prague. The beer you can order here is draught straight from the tanks via the shortest route into the pint glass, where it remains fresh until the last sip. There are three variations of this typical Pilsner beer – “slice”,  “sweet” and “creme”. If you want an unfiltered beer, you can get the Kozel Beer in one of three variations. You can also enjoy great and very affordable typical Czech cuisine in this pub. The food is homemade and freshly prepared. This pub’s decor is typical for old Czech pubs (even though this pub is new and clean) and we’ve gotta say that locals love it here. Also the location is great – just 5 minutes from the Old Town Square.
Price for 0,5l (a large pint glass) is 1,6.


Dlouhá 33
Prague 1

Contact for reservations:

+420 222 316 265

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri 11.00 – 01.00
Sat 11.00 – 01.00
Sun 11.00 – 24.00

T-Anker Restaurant

best beer in Prague - Tanker

If you rather prefer a large variety of beers, instead of trying the most Czech popular, T-Anker Restaurant will be the right choice for you. Every week they change their beer menu and ther 9-faucet has the best Czech and world specials. A cooperation and support of small Czech breweries is this restaurant’s main idea. Evidence of beer art is undoubtedly the brewery Bernard, Matuska or Břevnov. In the art of brewing gives the owner of the piece itself and therefore is absolutely excellent beer and the liquor perfect fit for every occasion.
Their stocks have also bottled beers and up to 60 species from around the world in one place. We’ve visitted this restaurant many times and there’s an undeniable con – the service. The staff makes you often feel like you’re invisible. However, the beer is absolutely wonderful. Food is okay but nothing special.
Since this restaurant is located on a terrace of the Kotva Store, it might be hard to find its entrance. We recommend to enter the Kotva Store (OD Kotva) and then take the elevator to the 5th floor. There’s also an separate entrance but for a tourist it would be really hard to find.
Price for 0,5l (a large pint glass) starts at 1,6.


Store Kotva – 5th floor
náměstí Republiky 656/8,
Prague 1

Contact for reservations:

+420 722 445 474

Opening hours:

Mon–Fri 11:00 – 23:00
Sat–Sun 11:00– 23:00

Zlý časy (‘Hard Times’) Pub

best beer in Prague - Zlý časy

If you really love beer and don’t mind travelling outside the city centre to Prague 4 (but still pretty close to the city centre) you have to try this restaurant. There are 48 beers on draft from smaller Czech breweries and more beers in bottles from all over the world in a non-smoking environment. 
There are three bars — top, middle and bottom – and the beers on tap are diferent in each. The restaurant is a member of the Alliance P. I. V., which is a guarantee of exceptionally well kept draught beers.
The establishment also operates a beer shop with a wide range of more than 40 Czech brands and bottled specials from around the world. You can buy and drink Belgian and German specials here, noteworthy domestic beverages and rarities from Nordic countries and other parts of Europe.
Price for 0,5l (a large pint glass) starts at 1.


Čestmírova 5
Prague 4 – Nusle

Contact for reservations:

+420 723 339 995

Opening hours:

MON–FRI 11am–2am, SAT 5pm–2am (Beerhall)
MON–FRI 12.30pm–8.30pm (Beer-shop)

Zubatý pes (‘The Toothy Dog’) Beer Bar

best beer in Prague - Zubatý Pes

An iconic beer bar with 15 tap towers, where they pull Czech microbrewery draught beers from nine of the taps, and the remaining six are used for imported beers from England, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium but also from the USA. The bar is located in the industrial park in Vršovice. The austere interior, reflecting the surrounding industrial environment, is dominated by the bar made of sandstone with a sizable tap tower. The simple premises are divided into a bar, a seating area upstairs and a lounge. The establishment focuses on rare beers. It offers beer tasting and presentations about new Czech and foreign breweries.
Price for 0,5l (a large pint glass) starts at 1,5.


Petrohradská 3
Prague 10 – Vršovice

Contact for reservations:

+420 775 638 737

Opening hours:

SUN–MON 5pm–11pm
TUE–SAT 5pm–midnight

První Pivní Tramway (‘First Beer Tram’) Pub

best beer in Prague - První Pivní Tramway

Yes, we know how bad it looks. But if you love beer, this really is one of the best places in Prague. This pub is at the last station of tram number 11, in a building which once served the tram staff. The pub has been in operation for 17 years. In 2004, the so-called fourth tap was added to the three permanent beers available, and rotating on the fourth tap, one barrel at a time, are various specials. Since then, the idea has spread to many other establishments. Currently, there are eight taps, predominantly with rotating beers from medium and small brewers mainly from the Czech Republic. This beer bar with its quirky atmosphere and distinctive history is a founding member of the ALLIANCE P. I. V., which means you can be certain of well-kept beer, a good variety of beers, and most importantly raising beer awareness – via informative ‘beer-sheets’. The bar offers a wide selection of first class whiskeys and rums, and you may order small snacks or steak if you wish to eat. Worth a note: In May 2009 “První Pivní Tramway” was recommended in The New York Times magazine column ‘36 hours in Prague’.
Price for 0,5l (a large pint glass) starts at 1.


Na Chodovci 1a
Prague 4
(the last station of tram no. 11 – Spořilov)

Contact for reservations:

+420 272 765 683

Opening hours:

MON–FRI 2pm–midnight
SAT–SUN 5pm–midnight
Want more detailed information on best beer in Prague? In that case we recommend to visit Prague Beer Garden. They also offer beer tours – however, we think they are too expensive.
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