Three Days in Prague – Travel Guide

A tour guide in your pocket.

Travel Guide for Three Days in Prague

The best of Prague in three days.

Planning to spend two days in Prague? You can count on us to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Prague.
In this travel guide you will explore the Old Town, Jewish Town, Lesser Town, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and many other beautiful places. Since this guidebook was created for those who plan to spend three days in Prague, we were able to lead you to the Prague Castle along a beautiful (yet longer) way with scenic views most tourists never discover.

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More than a typical travel guide.

This Three Days Guide is more than just reviews and directions, it’s a tour guide in your pocket.

Verified by tourists.

Our Three Days Guide is often used by tourists who have never been to Prague before. It makes us happy that our book helped every each of them (we got nothing but a positive feedback from our customers yet).

What’s inside?

1. Guide containing basic info about Prague.

To make your travelling to Prague even easier, we give you an extra guide containing general info about Prague for free. This second guide leads you from the airport to your accommodation. It also describes how transportation within Prague works. So you understand Prague and its locals even better we also added four pages of brief history of Czechs.

2. Step by step guide for three days.

This guidebook leads you step by step to the Old Town, Lesser Town, Jewish Town, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and many other wonderful places. Almost two hundred pictures and more than ten thousand words were used to turn your three days in Prague into an unforgettable experience. You can just enjoy yourself because you won’t have to worry about anything else.

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How to use this guide?

 Cellphone, tablet or even Kindle.

Since this travel guide comes as an ebook (the most commonly used .PDF file), you can simply save it to your cellphone, tablet or even Amazon Kindle. If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, all you need to do is download the travel guide and open it in iBooks. If you experience any issues saving our guidebook to your device, feel free to contact us, we’ll gladly help.

 Print it.

We kept this travel guide as short as possible so you can easily print it yourself. It will be much cheaper than if you bought the paperback (you save over €7). Another pro is that you won’t be dependant on your device’s battery life nor weather conditions when using this guide. That’s why we recommend to print this guide.
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