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Our mission is to make travelling to Prague easy and fun for everyone.


About us.

We are a creative, hard working team from Prague, Czech Republic who has a great passion for travelling. It all started with a dream and many ideas, which finally – after a year of work – became reality, and the result you see here on our website. We believe that since our guides are finally available online, everyone can enjoy travelling to Prague to the fullest. We also want our guides to be affordable to everyone, so we not only try to keep prices as low as possible (our One Day Guide is even cheaper than what you pay for a glass of water in Prague) but we even made a free Prague travel guide which is available on our website.

Our story.

First we created the paperback of our One Day Guide. We still were not absolutely sure if tourists would find it helpful. When it was first tested, tourists actually loved it and even Japanese tourists who have never been to Europe before could travel in Prague with ease! That encouraged us to improve the guide and go online. Then we added the Two Days Guide, the Three Days Guide, and also the Four Days Guide. We’ve also put online lots of useful information for free. At this time, we are working on even more guides that will make travelling to Prague as easy and fun as possible.